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Founded in Paris by head hunting professionals, THE NETWORKERS has a proven record of developping innovative recruitment, coaching and career assessment solutions for top and middle management for the fashion, luxury and beauty industry.  


With a strong local basis and open to the world, THE NETWORKERS will support you throughout your worldwide projects.




Founder and senior consultant - The Networkers

Maud Dutheil Besset started her professional journey as a recruitment specialist in the HR Department of an international company.

She then collaborated for 12 years in a French head hunter agency, specialized in middle and top management for the fashion, luxury and beauty sectors. She developed several business lines including Watches & Jewellery and Digital Services.

Fluent in English, she was also responsible for international recruitment across all business lines. In 2018, Maud Dutheil Besset founded The Networkers, wishing to offer her clients all the reactivity, dynamism and flexibility of a human-sized company while leveraging market best practices and expertise.


We design solutions that meet your needs and implement them in a reactive, flexible and result-oriented way.


We always remember that every mission is, first and foremost, a human endeavor. ​Our team of HR specialists has a keen understanding of the retail, fashion, luxury and beauty sectors as well as other complex lines of businesses.


Integrity, sense of service, empathy and ethics are the key pillars of THE NETWORKERS. They guide us on our missions and will help us ensuring the successful completion of your projects.


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